Payment Options

Payment Options

Payment Options

Payment Options

Our goal is to provide quality products and service

Modern Optics does not participate with direct billing of insurances. This enables us to keep our costs low while keeping our quality high.

As a patient, this allows you the ability to choose the lens options and frames that will best fit your optical needs. You will not be limited in frame choices or lens designs to options that will be covered within your insurance benefits.

Often after the reimbursement from your out-of-network vision benefits and any co-pays you would pay in-network, many customers have found they BREAK EVEN or even better as compared to going strictly to "in-network".

We encourage you to check the bottom line - compare prices for exact same products. Not all lenses and coatings are the same in quality or function.

Out of network? What does that mean?

We can assist you in preparing the paperwork needed to submit for an “out of network” claim. Many plans have contributions not only for “in network” doctors and offices, but also for those “out of network”, or “non-participating”.

​To find out your out-of-network benefits, contact your insurance provider or your human resources department.

​​​​​​​Health Savings (HSA) and FLEX (FSA) Accounts

Your HSA or FSA accounts can often be used to pay for eye examinations as well as contact lens evaluation and fittings.

These funds can also be used to purchase prescription eyewear, boxes of contact lenses, and even prescription sunglasses, or specialty eyewear for your specific work and play activities.

Utilizing an HSA or FSA account is a great way to get a back up pair of glasses or something more unique like a set of computer glasses or music glasses!

We are happy to help provide any paperwork needed to submit for using your HSA or FSA account.

20/20 Vision Plan

Originally designed for our patients who do not have vision insurance, this is available for everyone and can be combined with your out-of-network reimbursement to save you even more!

Payments Accepted

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