We have many options to choose from to uniquely fit your needs and budget

Up-to-date Lens Technology and Treatments

We offer up-to-date lens technology and treatments for your glasses and prescription sunglasses to help you achieve your best visual performance.

Because we are an independent, private practice, we have the ability to utilize multiple manufacturers and designs when considering your lens options. This allows us to personalize everything to your needs and prescription including lens material options, single vision and bifocal designs, and lens coatings for scratch resistance and to decrease glare and reflections.

New lenses can also be put into your current frame. We have even used vintage frames and made new lenses to bring the past into the present.​​​​​​​

Confused by all the terminology? Let our experienced Opticians help you!

​​​​​​​We Welcome Outside Prescriptions!
We can easily utilize a prescription from another office.

Don’t have a prescription or your prescription is expired?
No problem. We can schedule you for an appointment to have an updated complete eye examination.

Make an Appointment!
Your prescription might not change, but a comprehensive eye exam can help with early detection of eye disease and disorders as well as other health issues.

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“ Outstanding service! The reviews are correct - this is THE place for eyeglass repair. I walked in at 4:00pm the Thursday before 4th of July weekend and my glasses were fixed by 5:00pm. Incredible! Nice price and professional work. I'm a customer forever.”

Joel H

“ I brought my glass in thinking they were beyond repair. I was greeted by their friendly staff and in just matter of a few minutes paid $17 and was on with my day with my glasses looking brand new! Would highly recommend!”

Sean H

“ Vince and Josh fixed multiple pairs or glasses for me!!! Their service is outstanding and they get it done quickly!! They are my go-to for any type of repairs!! Thanks guys!!”

Adam S

“ This is a wonderful store for many glasses-related needs. I have had multiple pairs of glasses repaired here, and the service was wonderful. Each pair were completed in a day for a relatively inexpensive price. They also went the extra mile when helping me to find my next pair of glasses with one on one help in navigating their extensive collection. Will be visiting again!”

Ethan C

“ Great customer service. Vince is very skilled at repairing glasses. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I will be back for other vision needs!”


“ Only place I could find to repair my daughter's $300 glasses. Awesome job 20 minute fix! Less than 30 bucks. Highly recommend Vince. Thank you.”

Chris C

“ Another optometrist sent me here to solder the metal connected to the nose pad that snapped. They don't take appointments for repairs but called me when they finished it an hour later. You can't even tell what side broke it was done so well."

Aaron S

“ I had a mishap with my favorite glasses. I stopped in to drop them off thinking I could get by with my spares. They fixed them while I waited. Beyond friendly staff and a beautiful store. Huge frame selection. Thank you so much!"

Mick H

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